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HCM Responds to Philippines Disaster

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2008-04 Philippines 154

Read for more information about HCM’s response to the typhoon disaster in the Philippines.

Miracles on Ukraine Outreach

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2013-09 Ukraine 05_FeaturePic

By Jacob Noel The following is a testimony from Jacob and Amanda Noel, missionary associates with HealthCare Ministries, who ministered on an outreach in Odessa, Ukraine in September.  On the…

Local Church Strengthened in Panama

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2013-07 Panama  05_FeatureImage

We held a medical outreach in a gang-ridden area of Panama City, Panama. We worked with a church that had been there for eight years. The outreach helped give the church a sense of unity, and it also gave them favor with the local government.

Brazilian psychologist ministered to on HCM outreach

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2013-06 Brazil 039

Not only did our team minister to physical needs, but they left a lasting impact by leading many to salvation —one being our interpreter in the counseling area, who was a local counselor. Imagine the influence she now has in her community! Read more…

HCM Partners with Missionaries to Peru

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2013-05 Peru 36_feature image

We sent a team to Moquegua, Peru to work with Chris and Debbie Bowser, who are Assemblies of God missionaries, to help support a church plant by showing compassionate care to the community.

HCM Partners with Sustain Hope in Fiji

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2013-05 Fiji 003_Featured Image

We held a medical evangelism outreach on the Pacific island of Fiji and ministered to several people in small villages. Our sister ministry, Sustain Hope, came with us to teach about sustainable practices.

HCM Outreach Opens Unreached Village in Ecuador

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2013-02 Ecuador 372

HealthCare Ministries sent a team of seven to the Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador to conduct health education sessions.

Medical Outreaches Build Relationships in Remote Villages

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2013-04-08 Feature

HealthCare Ministries sent a specialized team to the remote, mountain villages of a sensitive country in Peninsular Asia to conduct check-ups and health education sessions for school children.

Healing and Hope Shared in Ethiopia

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2013-04-09 Feature 2012-10 Ethiopia 315

Read Abdu and Melaku’s story from HCM’s outreach to Ethiopia.

Witch Doctor Delivered in Paraguay

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Originally Posted on January 10, 2013 By Carrie Stewart HealthCare Ministries sent a medical evangelism team of ten to Paraguay last August to minister in the community of Cruce Liberación. …

Urgent Needs

HCM urgently needs the following healthcare professionals in order for upcoming medical outreaches to be made possible:

Please see our Upcoming Outreaches for available spots on teams. Contact our Logistics department at, if you are interested, or call our office at (417) 866-6311. 

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HCM urgently needs the following supplies for upcoming medical outreaches:

We currently need donations of AAA batteries for our outreaches. See how you can help us out with batteries and suitcases and other materials needed.

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