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CarolynNext up, meet our office manager, Carolyn Dorsey!


When did you arrive at HCM?
I arrived at HCM in June 2014 after serving since 1988 as an Asia Pacific missionary.

What is your role?
I am serving as Administrator for HCM, taking care of a variety of administrative functions and assisting in several areas

Where did you go on your first HCM outreach?
I haven’t been on an outreach yet, but I’m looking forward to my first one, maybe in 2015.

What do you enjoy most about working with HCM?
I love the people and I love the common sense of purpose that unites our diversified skills and strengths to share God’s love and compassion and care to hurting and needy people.

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  1. Welcome Carolyn, having worked with you in the past some, I know you are and will do an excellent for HCM team. Blessings on you and all the team sure miss them!

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