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Khalid is a walking miracle

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Khalid had no feeling in his foot after a bad fall from a roof. But we just heard he has been healed! Khalid came to HCM’s outreach in a sensitive…

Clara’s vision drastically improved

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2014-09-11 Banner appeal_Clara

We just happened to have a pair of rare glasses for Clara.

Grace led to the Lord after helping in outreach

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2014-09-11 Banner appeal_Grace

Grace came to help translate and left a Christ-follower.

Paola was saved after her foot was treated for infection

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2014-09-11 Banner appeal_Paola

Paola had a wound on her foot for eight months that had not yet healed

The Impact of Community Health Evangelism

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Teklu Teaching The Gospel & Water Purification

The following is a report submitted by HCM’s Community Health Evangelism coordinators, Dwight and Heather McConnell. A combined team of people from Jacob’s Hope, Sustain Hope and HCM worked together…

Renewed Vision Transforms Family

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2014-04 Philippines 129

Macular degeneration had robbed a family of four in the Philippines of the ability to excel in school, work, and life. On an outreach to the Philippines, two teenage siblings, Camille and Allen, who…

Team ministers in Philippines

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2014-04 Philippines 017

In April, HCM sent a team of eight to conduct a health screening outreach in the Philippines. The team worked with missionary Ruth Clark to minister in two different locations—Barangay Opao…

HCM conducts health screening outreach in Ecuador

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2014-04 Ecuador 112

In April a team of 11 went to Guayaquil, Ecuador to conduct a health screening outreach with Ron and Esther Marcotte, who are Assemblies of God missionaries. The HCM team…

Maria’s health restored after her own doctors gave up

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2014-04-29 Banner appeal_Maria

When doctors turned her away, Maria found hope in the Great Physician

Felipe shared restored sight with others in need

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2014-04-29 Banner appeal_Felipe

93-year-old homeless man came back to clinic for another pair of glasses after giving first pair to a friend.

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