Chief Wabak Can’t Keep Jesus Out

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origin_550449063His wife’s witness helped bring Jesus into the village

Chief Wabak had heard about a Gospel before. A man named Bryan Webb, a missionary, had tried to bring it to his village. But Chief Wabak had forbidden it. He swore that the missionary would never bring this “Jesus message” to his people.

One night, the chief hit his wife, Tatiana, injuring her—as he had done before. This time, she knew she could get help at the HCM medical clinic that Bryan had invited to come serve the surrounding communities. She trekked a long way to reach them, with their two small daughters in tow. When she returned home, she seemed to the chief like a different person – joyful and full of hope. Not only had this “Jesus message” come to Chief Wabak’s village, it had now come right into his own home.

Seeing the change in his wife, and hearing of the good the medical team was doing for the island people, Chief Wabak changed his mind. He told Bryan he would hear about his God and his beliefs. Sitting around a campfire with the village elders, Bryan talked about the love of Jesus and His saving power. Eventually, the elders opened up to him and gave him permission to share the Gospel with their people.

Recently, Bryan was thrilled to see Chief Wabak —and most of his village—at a service he held on the island. They had hiked several hours to there. And though they had a long night of walking ahead of them, they did not want to leave when the service was over.

Based on the blog post“An Unexpected Invitation” found on and on interviews with Bryan Webb.

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