Community Health Evangelism Lifts a Village Out of Poverty

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girlsCommunity Health Evangelism reaches into hopeless places

When a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) team arrived in Zambia in 1999, they provided training to national believers that has resulted in several CHE programs taking root in surrounding communities.

One of these fledgling programs launched in Fringilla and, in time, transformed the entire area. Through CHE, an AG church was planted that is now actively involved in its community. Together, the church and CHE committee worked hard to improve the health of the village’s inhabitants and alleviate their poverty. The church began to reach out with Bible stories and health lessons, focusing on HIV/AIDS.

Today Fringilla is a very different place. A team from HealthCare Ministries recently returned to consult with the Zambian CHE leaders. HCM’s CHE coordinators Dwight and Heather McConnell, who were a part of that team, were amazed at the difference CHE has made. Dwight marveled, “CHE has been instrumental in the health and economic development of Fringilla. The people are truly grateful for the way it’s changed their lives for the better.”

Not content to keep it to themselves, local residents are currently spreading CHE to neighboring communities, helping establish new groups and plant new churches. Fringilla is only one of the many villages that have been lifted out of cycles of poverty and disease through the power of Christ-centered community health development.

HealthCare Ministries is the coordinator of the Assemblies of God’s CHE program, a part of the larger CHE network. CHE is a global program involving over 50 denominations working together.

Read Bupe’s story from Fringilla

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