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Description: There is a growing desire for churches and individuals in the US today to do “good deeds” in other nations. Unfortunately our good intentions often do more harm than good. Giving used clothing, for example, can put local merchants out of business. Feeding programs can develop unhealthy dependency. This book attempts to look at the Biblical mandate for compassion, then lays out best practice principles that look at social injustices, the role of the church in compassion, avoiding dependency and helps readers understand what “sustainability” really means and how it can be achieved in partnership with local stakeholders. It is a must read for anyone thinking of doing missions or a short-term intervention for their own community or in other countries.

About the Author

JoAnn Butrin is a missionary with the Assemblies of God World Missions. She began her missionary career serving as a registered nurse in a very rural hospital setting in northeast Zaire in the Ituri Forest. She began to observe the need for health education and public health as she saw the same preventable diseases returning to the clinics and hospital over and over. She spent fourteen years in that area of the world, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. She earned her BS from Evangel University and a Master s Degree in Community Health from Penn State. She later earned a PhD from the University of Minnesota and a certificate of Tropical Health from Tulane University. She then joined the staff of the Assemblies of God medical mission s arm, HealthCare Ministries, in 1987, later becoming the director. She has traveled to many countries of the world, with medical teams or as a speaker or lecturer. She is now the director of International Ministries for the Assemblies of God World Missions. In all her of studies, she grew more and more convinced that a developmental holistic approach to health and missions was the most effective means of ministry. Dr. Butrin also has a keen interest in HIV/AIDS and has published several books and manuals on this topic. She directs an organization called the Global AIDS Partnership. She has lectured on Community Health and Development, HIV/AIDS, and teaches a course on Social Justice. Some of her materials can be found on the website: <>. Also, for more information go to <>.


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