Spiritual and Physical Sight Restored in Peru

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By Carrie Stewart and Chris Bowser

HealthCare Ministries’ outreach in Peru treated over 700 people in the town of Calca, Urco, which is in the Cuzco region.  The team of 13 partnered with Assemblies of God missionaries Sam and Irene Serrano and Chris and Debbie Bowser, as well as many national leaders and pastors in Peru.

The team treated people with medical and dental needs, as well as physical therapy and health education.  Once treated, each person met with local church members who prayed with them.  After five days of holding the medical evangelism clinic, 80 people prayed the sinner’s prayer.

One story that stood out from this outreach was the healing and salvation of Juliana, a 75-year-old Quechua woman who visited the clinic.  Missionary host Chris Bowser wrote about Juliana’s testimony–

A 75-year old Quechua lady named Juliana came into the clinic complaining of pain all over her body and very poor eye sight.

An HCM Physician Assistant was treating Juliana in a free medical clinic along with Spanish translator and AG missionary Chris Bowser and Cesar Mendoza Cerceda a Peruvian, Quechua translator.

The PA examined Juliana and verified that she was suffering from arthritic pains from being the age she was and also checked her eyes and determined she had significant cataracts in both eyes.

We explained the eyesight situation to Juliana and said the only thing she could do medically was to see an Ophthalmologist to discuss her cataract problem.

As we finished with her appointment we asked Juliana if we could pray for her and she agreed.

Cesar the young Peruvian Quechua translator prayed with Juliana in Quechua and she asked Christ into her heart!  Cesar was so excited and told me that it was the first time he had ever lead anyone to Christ!  The HCM PA and I were equally excited for Juliana’s decision to give her life to Christ and also very excited that Cesar had the awesome experience of leading her to Christ!

Chris then asked Juliana if he could take a step of faith with her and pray for God to heal her.  Chris explained to her that neither he nor the HCM PA were able to heal her but that they served a God that is the ultimate healer and they trusted in Him.

Chris told Juliana that he was going to pray in faith and ask God for a miracle healing for her and asked her to believe in faith also as the four of them prayed for her miracle.

Chris placed his thumbs on her eyes and he, Cesar and the PA prayed to God specifically asking Him for a miracle of sight for Juliana.

The next day as the PA and Chris were seeing a patient in the clinic, Cesar came over to the treatment area very excited because Juliana had come back to report that she had received a complete healing of all of the pain she had been experiencing and she could see!

All three of us were extremely excited to see the miracle that God had performed for this wonderful lady!

This was an incredible faith building experience for all of us and we will never forget it as long as we live and serve our redeeming healer!


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