Philippines 09’17

Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Date: September 28th - October 9th 2017
Professionals Needed: MD/NP/PA's, Dentists, Optical professionals, RN's


A medical mission to assist a pastor and his church in Puerto Princesa, Palawan show they care for the needs of the people in their community and further their opportunities for evangelism... We have no USA AG missionaries in Palawan. One medical clinic ministry site will be at a Dump Site Church. The AG church, started by a Korean Missionary, is located in the area where they dump some of the city garbage. It is a great church reaching out to people who are in great need. Palawan is also an island where we still have many tribal groups. These tribal groups are located up in the mountains, but many AG churches are reaching out to these tribes. Palawan is a Island of natural beauty: underground river, beautiful beaches, unique natural formations in rocks, etc. (Dates may change a day or two on either end pending airline flights.)

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Last Updated: March 10, 2017

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